WordPress Checking Report –

‘’ – Analytics Report


Web Page Backlink check




SEO Site Check Score in Low Rank :



Loading performace Improve



302 +404 Check up :

Delete Unless Plugin form 38 plugin reduce to 26 (Like : Facebook Pixel , GA … ) + Custom Source Code – reduce CSS Size

Fix the problem plugin and system  – reduce web page size

Improve all Page + Post SEO Setting + Scheduled backup

Wordpress Virus

Clean up web Page Virus & reset security rule

Improve the Page / Post SEO and structure


Increase SEO Form 61 to 80  Form Content Adjust , Coding Oopmtize

wordpress sitemap

Create Sitemap increase site linking on google

Start Montior Site impression and click , and improve ranking

Create Database

Consolidate user record and prepre auidence list

Optimize premlink

Optimize premlink , Icrease SEO Ranking